The James Brand

Website, eComm, DevOps

Focused on digital storytelling we created a shoppable brand experience that helps customers understand the growing catalog of products and experience the brand as a whole. The product stories feature the products through the people that use them. The shop allows users to quickly configure products and easily move through the checkout flow.

Image of the James Brand project

The site utilizes a combination of Craft for content management and Shopify for product management. To better manage content within the product detail pages we used Craft’s REST API. This allowed us to create variant specific content, like descriptions, specs and allowed for easier management of hi-res images within the Shop experience. For optimal performance we custom built a DigitalOcean server and used Imgix CDN to help push beautiful hi-res photography and keep the site running smooth no matter the device.


Technical Director, DevOps, Front-end Developer


LAMP, Craft CMS, Element API, Shopify, Imgix, Gulp


Cabe Branson, Zach Allott, Austen Ezzell, Steve Ebert, Pavlina Summers, Kirk James