Website, DevOps

Cinco, a design-led agency focused on building, transforming, growing brands. The website had to convey not only our work but also the personality of Cinco. We designed the site to be a quick overview of the work and also allow you to dig into the details. The project case studies tell the story through immersive storytelling, photography and video.

Image of the Cinco project

We built the site using Craft as a headless CMS and React on the frontend to tie it all together. To quickly load responsive media we used a combination of Imgix to process and deliver the highest resolution images and Vimeo to process and deliver autoplaying and streaming videos.


Technical Director, DevOps, Front-end Developer


React, Craft CMS, Element REST API


Errol Schwartz, Zach Allott, Austen Ezzell, Sarah Wilson, Sacha Orozco, Jeremy Dunn, Steve Ebert, Pavlina Summers, Jared Milam, Matt Capozzi