Nathan Searles

Nathan Searles

Technical Director at

My background is in front-end development focused on design and user experience. My approach to development is driven by process, strategy, and design.

Every project has its goals and a story to tell no matter if it’s a simple app to send money to a friend or to tell the story of how you’re going to change the world. Small collaborative teams of experts help bring these stories to life and are the key to a project's success. Focusing on the project goals, the story that’s being told and how we’re going to tell it must be the foundation of all projects.


  • Strategy & concept development
  • Design & technology direction
  • Design & development process
  • Development leadership
  • Front-end development
  • Responsive design & development
  • User experience design
  • Project management

HTML5 · CSS3 · SCSS · JavaScript · LAMP · GitHub · Gulp · Atom · OmniGraffle · Sketch


In my free time I'm often found in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest with my wife and our dog. Getting out and enjoying the outdoors is a huge part of who I am, whether that be hiking, camping, riding dirt bikes, or exploring back roads. In the PNW, you can't help but enjoy the great outdoors.